JB McPayne


One of these days you'll see me looking at you And know it's been escaping your eyes since long The pieces of this annoying puzzle that is me Will all begin making sense to you The absence despite my presence... Continue Reading →


…and the sun has set for you

It was 12:30 after midnight. I was simply watching TV, ready to switch it off and go to sleep when my friend texted "Bro, Chester died." Obviously, I didn't believe him at first. Chester? Chester Charles Bennington of Linkin Park?... Continue Reading →

Midnight Muse

​Would you believe if I just said 'I love you'? For the phrase gets thrown around so much Would it truly reflect my feelings for you? Or would it remind you of someone who said the same Without meaning a... Continue Reading →

My Introverted Friend

Hello, Internet. Pseudonym here on JB's blog. The beautiful soul that he is, has asked me if I would love to write a guest post for his awesome sauce blog. And well I'm a true opportunist and getting the chance of a lifetime... Continue Reading →

Busy Network Day!

Cuz 'Happy New Year' is overwhelmingly mainstream. Hello there! So, last day of the year. It seems only yesterday when it was 10 minutes past 2015 and I watched on TV that big-ass hotel in Dubai catch fire due to some overexciting... Continue Reading →

The Mystery Blogger Award

Nayana Nair, you absolutely rock! This awesome blogger has nominated me yet again for an award and for that I am immensely grateful. You'd be missing out on a lot of awesome stuff if you don't check out her blog.... Continue Reading →

The Real Neat Blog Award

I would like to start by quoting a legend we all know and love: "Hey... How you doin'?" Man, has it been long since I've blogged! It's Diwali season over here so I wish you a very Happy Diwali if you're... Continue Reading →

How Much Do We Know?

Hello once again, fellow readers and bloggers! I'm really excited because it's the first ever guest post on my little blog here. Thank you, Odeus (I wasn't sure if I should use your real name), for doing me this favour. Please... Continue Reading →


This is one of those times when I wish my blog was anonymous. Apparently, when I started this blog, I told all my friends, promoted my posts on FB and Instagram and whatnot. Clearly, I regret that now, but that's... Continue Reading →

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