Why do I get so pissed off when I see you? I ain’t got no reason.
It’s like my pain and my guilt and the sadness in my heart are having a threesome.
It’s a season of broken hearts, though I never got the kick of love.
I’m sick of love! So pissed of
All of you fucks who shit this world.
This is what I’m tryna tell ya,
Always considered myself a failure.
Was I scared to try? Hell yeah!
But do I give a fuck now? Hell ye-NAW!
Cuz now I don’t give a damn.
I always tried to be the man.
That had always been the plan.
Making jams, do what I can.
But they showed me I never mattered.
Enemies or friends? I called them the latter.
Guess I’ll never be Marshall Mathers
Cuz I was a loser who rhymes his chatters.
Wait, I still am a loser!
I tick myself as a diddley Doozer.
I ain’t stupid, just a creepy trooper.
Livin’ a life full of weepy bloopers.
But fuck this shit, I don’t need no friends!
Well, maybe I do or it’ll be my end.
Maybe my life isn’t in my hands.
Maybe my mind leaves me up to chance.