Recently I’m just so pissed
It seems there’s some’ I must’ve missed.
I wish to hiss but guess my diss just isn’t the reason I lost my shit
But fish, my verse is imbursed with my curse which has worsened myself as a person.
My emotions are curved, cuz the lessons I’ve learnt.
Weren’t earned cuz my conscience is burnt.

But you really hurt me and my trust.
You were never ready to adjust.
You broke me, made me taste the dust.
Although you never fell in love.
The one above has something in mind
For all of us, and I hope you die
Or you suffer the very same as I
Believe me when I say that life’s
Harder than death, all thanks to you
Came into my life, even though you knew
It would never work out, but you’re so cruel
I said “I love you,” you said “me too.”
Now that you made it, you left me all alone,
You did the things I hated, aware that you were wrong.
And now that you are gone, I made this song,
Trying to hold my head up, standing strong.