I try to run, but I fall behind
I try to find that shining light
My whining sight, just can’t be right
I can’t decide if I wanna fight.
I want it simplified, black and white
But the lightning-strikers have got me winding
Up. I’m sick and tired,
I don’t wanna fight, I don’t wanna fight but I,
Gotta pluck the motherfuckers penis suckers causin’ ruckus all above us from floor but not yet.
Gotta shut the shit DOWN, all I wanna do is fire in the hole tear your soul, but not yet.
I’m an idiot, I’m stupid,
I SUCK at the game of Cupid.
Call me a Lame Loser all you want,
But you already do it.
Cuz you think I give a fuck but I can’t hear you from up above.
I gotta use no handsome stuff to go to the top, my rhyme’s enough.