Tell me what I gotta do to voodoo through this fuckin’ doo-doo
Cuz I got no clue why I keep hearing all this bloody coo-coo.
I grew around the rules, the very rules I’m tryna screw
And I don’t care if I get booed, I tear the stage when I get to it.
I’m terrified as hell, plus I’m scared as shit
But that’ll go the microsecond I grab the mic and dare to spit.
Even though I lost my mind, I had to write and create a hit
And I’mma be honest when I’mma be sayin’ there wasn’t a moment I failed and quit.
Where’s your wit when you want it to win cuz victory’s,
A privilege when it comes to me, better believe it.
But consider this as my song, or simply my affidavit –
I’mma be the very next to beat Goliath after David.
The rabid creature I am, my main feature is pain.
I’m tryin’ stayin’ alive cuz now I be favourin’ change.
Cryin’ was outta my mind the day I split myself in two ways.
And I’mma be back again cuz baby, my name is McPayne.