He could never hurt anyone
Only disappoint, because Disappointment was his name
He crushed dreams that others saw for him
He was angry often; a feeling of envy in his head
Had a few friends: some rich, some intelligent, some athletic
But the ones who were all three enraged him
They lived a life he never did; achieved what he never did
But he could never hurt anyone
How could he? He loved his friends
So he hurt himself, every moment
Kept it all in, suffered alone
How could he tell anyone? He was wrong to be envious
He wished he was heartless, that he had no emotions
He never cried; he couldn’t
Too weak he was to do that
Until the day came and he couldn’t take it anymore
He was a ticking time-bomb, waiting to implode
‘I’m gonna make them happy,’ he thought and smiled
And chose the sharpest knife from the kitchen he could find
Smile still intact, he put it on his throat
“No more Disappointment,’ he mumbled, his voice breaking
And then he slashed it, letting the red flow
Deep down, he knew he deserved to die
With no one to blame; the mistakes were his own
He wasn’t selfish, nor a coward and neither an idiot
He just wanted to be felt sorry for
This was an only way he could get what he wished for
When he was finally no more