Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Everybody alright over here? Well, my last few posts have been pretty much a reflection of my mood: depressed, having trust issues, etc etc… But no more! My pal Pseudonym, an amazing writer and an equally amazing human, has nominated me for this award. Since I’m out of ideas, I’m really grateful that she gave me something to write.
Now, the rules:


Here are 11 random facts about me:

1. I am an ambivert. People who don’t me much say I’m really quite, don’t talk too much, polite, intelligent. On the other hand, my best friends know I talk too much, make jokes that makes the group facepalm, mostly, and that I’m a complete idiot.

2. Blue and White are my favourite colours. 90% of my t-shirts are white.

3. My mood changes rapidly. One minute I’m worried about something, and soon my mind changes to ‘No Fucks’ mode.

4. I am obsessed with Game of Thrones, like pretty much everyone. I believe Tyrion and Jon Snow are Targaryens (Theories, theories, everywhere) but who in seven hells would be Azor Ahai reborn? I truly hope and believe it’s Jaime Lannister.

5. I don’t drink or smoke. I don’t have a problem with dying, honestly, but not like this.

6. I’m supporting Wales in the ongoing UEFA Euro. Gareth Bale, in fact, is also a non-alcoholic. So is Cristiano Ronaldo; not from Wales, but Hala Madrid!

7. I am a big fan of Christopher Nolan. His movies are complicated, immortal and genius. Seriously, it is only because of the way he made the Dark Knight trilogy and handled the story, deciding to go dark that I started to like the superhero. Following, The Prestige, Memento, Inception, Interstellar, all masterpieces. I’m eagerly waiting for Dunkirk to release which is not until late 2017. WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!

8. I am an Indian, in case it’s not clear yet.

9. I used to walk on my toes till I was probably 8 or 9.

10. I was chosen as ‘Master Petit’ (J.N. Petit Technical High School is the name of my school) in my 10th grade which is the final year in school here.

11. I am a morning person as well as a night person. I sleep late, and get up pretty early.

Now for the questions that look like Satan has asked them:

1. If you could be a current celebrity who would you be and why?

It’s a close call between Cristiano Ronaldo and George R.R. Martin but since I want to be an author, my vote goes to GRRM, and probably everyone knows why. GAME OF THRONES!!!!! You can see the hardwork that went into creating such an intricate storyline, with 600+ named characters and whatnot. Salute to this legend.

2. If you had a time travelling machine,would you go to the past or future and why?

I’d go to the future because of course, the past is risky. You never know what you might change in the present. Step on a dog’s tail and poof! You’re single in the present. The future is comparatively safe, where you’re just a spectator. You can work in the present to change the future, but change your past and you’re no longer a part of the present you know.

3. If there was something you wish all humans did that they don’t do right now, what would it be? 

This is a tricky one, since I’m human and I do the same things that other humans do. Well, the only thing I can think of that humans should do is KEEP IT SIMPLE! Everything is getting too complicated for my liking: People, career, love, life.

4. Flight or Invisibility?

Ah, Pseudonym! Satan wrote through you. This is really hard. Do I fly or do I spy? Okay, I’d fly. Makes going places easier and less traffic.

5. Batman or Superman?

Like I said, Batman but only because of Christopher Nolan.

6. Do you like the education system?
No. Just no. Not the one in my country.

7. Do comedians seem to make more sense than politicians?
Honestly, I don’t listen to politicians anymore because I have no interest in people who use culture to speak against something, when culture is something that should encourage improvement and peace. All I know is comedians don’t have to make sense but politicians have to, and most of them do not.

8. What song is a good break up song?

Finally, something I can help with. Who else to look up to for an angry hateful encouraging song if not the Rap God Himself? No Love, Drop The World (which is actually a Lil Wayne song but features Him and Eminem kills it), Stronger Than I Was, 25 To Life. I’d suggest more but the question says ‘Song’ and I’ve already mentioned more than one.

9. Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez?

As an artist, Taylor Swift. As a person, I don’t really know.

10. If you ever meet Donald Trump what would you say or do?

I’d suggest him to vote for someone else during the election.

11. One thing you appreciate in the people you call your friends?

I like how this doesn’t just say ‘friends’ but how it actually is. Way to go, Pseudonym! So, one thing I appreciate in the people I call my friends is that they don’t refuse to help me, at least.

Now, my questions for those who I nominate are:

1. Rock or Country?
2. Marvel or DC?
3. One song you loved as soon as you heard it?
4. One movie dialogue you really love?
5. What’s your definition of Love?
6. One (JUST ONE) fictional character who you would like to come to life?
7. What is the one thing that makes you NOT give up on life?
8. Talent or Hardwork?
9. Which is the one year in your life that you would like to live differently and why?
10. One historic event you’d like to experience?
11. One thing in your life you regret NOT doing when you had the chance?

Names of the blogs I nominate:

Now, unfortunately, I am nominating only 5 bloggers because these are the only site addresses I remember and I’m blogging from my phone, so it’s really irritating to go back and forth reading the addresses and coming back to type. If anyone who’s reading this is not on the list, my apologies. You’re awesome, too.

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2. Srijan
3. Light Up The Shining Night Stars
4. aVeryAwkwardBlog
5. My Overflowing Thoughts

See you soon. Laters!