What’s up, my handful of followers?!

Okay, this is one of the few blogs which I’ve written as soon as the thought struck my head (this one’s positive, I swear) because who knows how my mood’ll be the next time I check the blog…

It’s been over a year now that I’ve started this blog and although I haven’t many followers because I don’t write as much, I follow dozens of blogs and I make sure to check out my Reader everyday because it’s full of amazing posts by these amazing bloggers who happen to be just so nice. There’s always something that touches my heart when I check what the bloggers are up to.  Sometimes it’s a romantic poem or story, sometimes a mere sharing of one’s thoughts that are massively similar to my thoughts as well, sometimes it’s a post that makes me sad and angry with the evil society and sometimes it’s something simply positive and motivating that assures me that things would get better with time and there’s no person more responsible for my happiness than myself.

I try my best to convey my appreciation by commenting on the blogs but after all it’s almost impossible to tell anyone how I feel about anything in just one or two sentences because this brain of mine doesn’t have an emotional range of a teaspoon; it juggles with too many emotions at a time.

So, here I am, thanking all you beautiful citizens of the Blogosphere for touching my life and unknowingly (not unknowingly any more) giving me the strength to live through each day. You just make it possible for me to not give up on this world and this life, which probably would be a lot, lot worse if I didn’t have you all to cheer me up in different ways. All of you have my respect and admiration for finding time through your own messy lives for blogging and helping another just like you to see beauty in his mess.

Thank you.