She’s not afraid to be one of a kind

Unique was she born; unique till death, I hope

Charm such she possesses unknowingly

Her intellect sets her apart from the rest

Inadvertently or not, she inspires me everyday

The jealousy she invokes; a better human she makes

Rules the world she lives in, but living she sometimes despises for

All that she loved, still does… gone, like it never was

She searches for it, so she could love again

Helpless, she reminisces the moments and the days

The days that now lie below the horizon somewhere

And I… I watch the beauty in front of me

The hopeless romantic I swore to accompany

As she veneers her little sadness with perfection

I look on helplessly, powerlessly

The angel take flight against the wind

And I wish she finds what she searches for

 And the love that once let her out reopens its doors.