Hello once again, fellow readers and bloggers! I’m really excited because it’s the first ever guest post on my little blog here. Thank you, Odeus (I wasn’t sure if I should use your real name), for doing me this favour. Please check out this amazing person’s amazing blog So ingenious, if you haven’t already.

For the past quarter hour, I’d been staring at the same five golden-scaled fish swishing their tails ever so magnificently, swimming in circles in the same decorative fish tank. A little scuba diver figurine repetitively waved in the water, releasing bubbles with each wave.
Despite the beauty of these golden creatures, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. Only looking at them doing the same thing, swimming in neat circles for  fifteen measly minutes had bored me out of my mind. I couldn’t imagine having to do the same thing for an entire lifetime, with only the bright, fake plants and the shells and sand as any sort of recreation.
All these fish knew about the world was the presence of four glass walls and the water that surrounded them and the frequent dropping of canned fish food in the tank. Beyond that, they had not an inkling of an idea as to what even existed. Their little brains were completely closed to the possibility of presence of something greater than their little fish tank.
Looking away, with a jolt I realised that our lives were, in fact, much like these poor, trapped fish.
Trapped in our own little bubble, we believe that what we know is all there is to know. We know that 1+1 = 2 and hello in Spanish is ¡Hola! But what beyond that? There is infinite knowledge in this world, and most of it cannot be confined to a textbook. In this young world of ours, thousands of different languages exist, billions of wonderfully unique people exist, there is music you have never heard of, art you haven’t seen. The world in which you live encased in a cocoon is the same world that has housed the greatest people in history, is the same world where new things are being discovered and invented every day using the billion-year-old fundamental laws of physics and mathematics. Even as we grow, mankind has yet not succeeded in scouring the complete topography of the planet; there are depths which haven’t been reached, islands left isolated and majestic creatures thankfully left undisturbed.
In this little world where all you know is 1+1=2, there are theories and hypotheses to prove you wrong on your knowledge of even that.
So, jump out of your little fish tank. The world is enormous and yours to explore. You have one life, with 75 years. Do not waste 75 years’ worth of time swimming in neat circles in quiet fish tanks.