Cuz ‘Happy New Year’ is overwhelmingly mainstream.

Hello there!

So, last day of the year. It seems only yesterday when it was 10 minutes past 2015 and I watched on TV that big-ass hotel in Dubai catch fire due to some overexciting firework activity. Game of Thrones might have a lot of foreshadowing, but God showed us who was the Boss in that department that day.

Then 2016 happened. We all know whom the world lost (may the Force be with all of them). To be honest, this year wasn’t all that bad for me. I learnt a few lessons, forgot some of them, entered a part of the world that was new and unsettling to me, and got into an engineering college (thank God). This was just the first part of the year. The middle part was a confusing one. There was happiness, anger, jealousy, revelations, love, hate, absolute despair, acceptance, and the cycle repeated. I lost a few very important people that I knew since ages, but I also made a bunch of new friends and these are the very people that helped make the last act of my 2016 way better than I expected. A major shoutout to them.

One thing I can say with certainty is that the person I will be on 1 January 2017 is definitely an upgrade of the person that I was on the same day a year ago. One of the lessons I’ve learnt is regret is as harmful as it is useless. So, I have almost zero regrets about things that happened to me in 2016, mainly because the bad things were nowhere as bad as the good things were good. I might have been very angry and sad over things then, but now I’m not.

I wish I could have phrased it all in a better way but I can’t. So I thank everyone: my friends, my family, and you, for helping me get through yet another year, although not smoothly. Let’s face it, a smooth life would be a boring one anyway.

Happy New Year!