Hello, Internet. Pseudonym here on JB’s blog. The beautiful soul that he is, has asked me if I would love to write a guest post for his awesome sauce blog. And well I’m a true opportunist and getting the chance of a lifetime to write on one of my OG blogger friend’s blog was a dream come true.

Side note: I’m a poet and down below is a poem which I know isn’t really what JB here is known for writing, but yo give it a read.Maybe you might like it. Judging from the title, I feel like you already have an idea of what this post is gonna be about. So yea, gracias to both you, JB, and to all of his readers.

 My Introverted Friend

He’s an onion,
Layer upon layers,
Thick as mountains,
That I wanna make disappear,
I see glimpses,
Of the boy hidden inside,
A boy,
That I know I could love,
If he didn’t try to hide,
Worries; plenty,
He knows how to keep me at bay,
Freaks me out at how fast,
He can look the other way,
Care about him,
Much, I do,
Yet for an introvert,
Caring for another,
Is a tool,
Trying to cause cracks,
In a well-built foundation,
Is a recipe for destruction,
But when there is a fault in the layout,
You need renovation,
But fear,
That I just may do more harm,
Keeps me awake at night,
Wondering how to keep calm,
Maybe worry less about this boy,
This boy that is an onion,
Yet, love,
Thy is such a burden,
For no matter how much logic may say,
To let him be this way,
I long to stay,
Show him the brighter day,
Where one can finally peel away,
But for some reason or the other,
I know his reply will be “k”.