One of these days you’ll see me looking at you

And know it’s been escaping your eyes since long

The pieces of this annoying puzzle that is me

Will all begin making sense to you

The absence despite my presence

The whispers behind my shouting

The screams submerged in my silence

The chaos within my calm

You’re wittier than most,

You’ll get there soon enough

And when you do, you’ll know it is you

The one I told you about

With the sparkling eyes and the dazzling presence

The one I want to delight with my pick-up lines

The one I want to hold dearly

The one with whom I want to slow dance

And you will understand

It might take you months

It might take you minutes

I’m afraid that you’d lash out

Even more that you’d go silent

But I hope

Hope that I misunderstand you

That this emotion you deny having

Has been there all this time

For me

And so when the day comes

When you see me looking at you

I hope you feel the same way, too.